6 October 2019


Studezy - Keeping track of assignments

What do you do if you and your fellow students do not know what assignments you have to hand in and when they are due? You build an assignment manager of course.

The problem

At our college we are using a platform named Blackboard where teachers upload their schedules, presentations and other various learning resources. A major disadvantage of this platform is the User Experience, there is no clear overview of assignments, we have to plunge through each course and download the documents to view the schedule.

And of course, nothing goes perfectly according to schedules, so if you were to check the schedule you should not be surprised if the dates are out of date... So what assignments are we expected to make?

The solution

To proactively keep working on assignments and avoiding punishments we, Lars and Jelle, have developed a platform called Studezy. Studezy is a mobile-first Progressive Web App written in Laravel.

Studezy makes it possible for every student to add and edit assignments in an incredibly simple to grasp list view, an assignment consists of an author, course, description and due date. If there are multiple assignments due on one day they will stack inside one card, this way you can easily see the workload per day.

And last but not least, users can opt-in to receive email notifications of assignments which are due tomorrow, this way they do not have to open the application at all and save some more time.

The future

Studezy is currently closed source and only being used by a group of approximately 20 users, despite being a fun side project, features are still being added weekly to keep users engaged and motivated.

We are not sure where this project is going to head but there are two clear paths we can pick from: 1. we could open-source it and allow anyone to modify it to their own taste; 2. we can make it a commercial application where anyone can sign up and manage their own class. The latter would require some more time because it is currently designed for one group.

All features listed

Tl;dr: here is a list of all features currently implemented in Studezy.

  • Email notifications
  • Create, edit & delete assignments
  • Create, edit & delete courses
  • Create, edit & delete users
  • Role authorization
  • Themes selection
  • Update password